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InspiringTomorrow's Leaders Through America's Past
  • Patriotic Inspirational and Motivational story of Francis Scott Key - Star Spangled Banner

Motivational Speaker

Just as in the world of sports, businesses need a pep talk to go out and win as a team. Nothing will motivate and inspire your audience like a dramatic presentation of the story of America. Your audience will be taken on a journey that will captivate their imagination and leave them wanting to accomplish more than ever.

Leadership Training

America is full of stories that show great examples of leadership and these principles can be applied to any business or corporation no matter what the size or demographic. These inspiring stories will transform your people from ordinary workers to extraordinary leaders.

Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders

Education has always played a vital role in the story of America. The number of colleges and institutions of higher learning that were established during the foundation of America is amazing. With a style of speaking that is truly captivating, Dr. George will inspire the students that will become tomorrow's leaders.

Through America's Past

What better way to become a future leader, than to learn from the men and women who changed the course of history and founded a nation that has impacted the world like none other. When the world needs help, America is there; and it is all because of inspired leadership founded at the start of it all.

Inspirational Speaker

The story of America will captivate any church audience. These stories are full of prayer, fasting and dependence on the providence of God. Your members will be captivated and inspired by the lives of the founders and how faith played a major roll in the foundation of America.

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  • Special Event

    These inspirational stories of America are perfect for that special event where you want to honor God and America. Historical accounts of character, integrity, honor and self sacrifice are throughout the history of America. There is a reason the National Motto is One Nation Under God.

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  • If You Love America

    No matter the audience, no matter the size, no matter the demographic, if you love America, then these presentations will impact your life. They will motivate you to help keep alive the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    You Will Be Inspired

    People love inspirational stories. Where the little guy defeats all odds and wins in the end; where the underdog takes out the favorite; where David defeats Goliath. The story of America is all of these stories wrapped into one. Everyone will be inspired and you will be moved.


    Every conference wants to get started on a high note; they want to be motivated to action. These presentations of America are truly the most motivational stories you can have. Every person in attendance will be moved with emotion and will feel the intrigue.


    When we are inspired, we become better people and can accomplish things that seemed almost impossible before. The stories of America will provide an inspirational keynote to your conference that will leave your audience ready to tackle any challenge.

    Honoring Those Who Served

    America is the land of the free and the home of the brave because of the sacrifices made by the men and women of our Armed Services. An inspirational and dramatic presentation of the story of America will properly honor those who have served and pay tribute to their legacies. There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends; these presentations honor those friends.

    Tribute to Those Serving

    Our military men and women who give up their time and sacrifice their wants and desires for the love of America will be captivated and proud to hear the Patriotic story of America. Each presentation will pay tribute to their sacrifice and will thank them for keeping America the land of liberty.